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Guiding Principles

Do You Need a Big Market to Be Profitable?

Businesses that understand their potential markets can better utilize their resources to maximize profitability at the lowest possible cost. 
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Striving for Profitability: Why and How

Companies that strive for profitability realize early that it requires a tight balance between earning and spending, a focus on marketing and customer relationships, and a constant dialogue with the market to ensure product-market fit. 
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Nine out of Ten Startups Fail. Why Fail if you Can Succeed?

Only one in ten startups will succeed. The other nine companies will fail, close, or continue to shuffle with no future. Entrepreneurs and employees will have to fold the dream, swallow the disappointment and start over. Can successful startups be built with much higher success rates?
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External Resources

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Case Studies

You Can Dream Big, but you Must Stand Firm on the Floor First

Working with Yonathan and SmartUp methodology, we realized that inbound channels must be created in the earliest stages. It’s not just to close a deal! It’s the fundamentals.
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