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Guiding Principles

The Easy Way to Create Long Tail Content

Before getting into how to build thousands of content pages to create a long tail, it’s worth discussing again the purposes for which we produce the content.
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Why And How To Start Marketing Before Having A Product Definition

You don’t need a product if you discuss the problem, not the solution. The goal of your eventual product will be reaching people who have the problem you are trying to solve.
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Long Tail Content Creation

As we can see, a long tail content creation strategy is best achieved by developing a robust database of items and their unique attributes and then leveraging that data to create fit-for-purpose content streams. Databases can be compiled using existing data from multiple sources or produced from the results of in-house research. 
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External Resources

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Case Studies

You Can Dream Big, but you Must Stand Firm on the Floor First

Working with Yonathan and SmartUp methodology, we realized that inbound channels must be created in the earliest stages. It’s not just to close a deal! It’s the fundamentals.
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