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Which program is right for you?

I am a founder of a startup looking for professional guidance.

Our residency program offers the most intensive and personalized guidance as SmartUp becomes a co-founder in your company. We will discuss strategy for your company and ways to advance it, help you set up effective processes and cultivate a lean healthy organizational culture.

Alternatively, our companies’ workshop offers weekly meetings centered on key subjects and principles crucial for a company's success. In these sessions, you'll discover practical ways to apply our methodology within your company and brainstorm your specific challenges with other company leaders, and receive guidance from the group’s mentor.

I am considering starting a company, but haven't quit my job

You can apply to the foundations course to learn how to start and understand what it would involve, while keeping a day job.
Alternatively, you might want to join as a part-time intern with one of our resident companies -to experience the inner workings of a startup and acquire a diverse skill set that will come in handy when you’re ready to take your own first steps.

I work at a startup, but I’m not a founder

Different programs may be helpful to you depending on personal goals, and the extent of your influence on the company’s overall strategy.
The foundations course is a great place to start, giving you a fresh perspective on all aspects of creating a successful company - encouraging you to evaluate your efforts and results. You will receive the knowledge and practical advice you can apply immediately to create healthy processes in your company.
If looking for a more active participation, the companies workshop may be a good fit. It offers weekly meetings revolving around a subject or principle that are crucial to a company’s success. You will discuss ways to apply the methodology in your company and brainstorm your specific challenges with fellow company leaders, and receive guidance from the group’s mentor

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