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We Teach How to Build Profitable Companies, One Step at a Time

SmartUp Academy is a comprehensive residency program partnering with entrepreneurs and existing companies to create stable, profitable, and successful businesses. Our program encourages participants to think differently about company-building – from product development to marketing to sales and operations.

The SmartUp Residency Program includes bespoke weekly seminars that connect our guiding principles to individual business needs. Each seminar is customized and allows for real-time support and mentorship through group presentations and discussions. Additionally, participants meet with Yonatan for a two-hour personal consultation to discuss their strategy and ways to advance it. All SmartUp Academy mentees stay with the program until they reach profitability and achieve their goals.

Companies that follow SmartUp’s guiding principles develop a lean and efficient process for customer acquisition and product delivery. Being lean makes a company more stable and resilient, increasing the likelihood of growth, profitability, and success. Such companies typically don’t require large investments to reach profitability ­­­­– often less than $5m – depending on the product and the market.

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SmartUp Academy Guiding Principles

Nine out of Ten Startups Fail. Why Fail if you Can Succeed?

Only one in ten startups will succeed. The other nine companies will fail, close, or continue to shuffle with no future. Entrepreneurs and employees will have to fold the dream, swallow the disappointment and start over. Can successful startups be built with much higher success rates?
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Long Tail Content Creation

As we can see, a long tail content creation strategy is best achieved by developing a robust database of items and their unique attributes and then leveraging that data to create fit-for-purpose content streams. Databases can be compiled using existing data from multiple sources or produced from the results of in-house research. 
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Building fast-growing, profitable companies

The SmartUp Academy Guiding Principles evolved from over 40 years of experience

This is what the entrepreneurs say about SmartUp Academy and Yonatan Stern

"The skill set that I was missing I found with Yonatan's mentorship"
Ziv Segal
CEO & Co-Founder
He is really thinking completely differently about marketing
Eyal Wultz
President & Co-Founder
"Yonatan has interesting solutions to the company's issues"
Ashi Horovitz
CEO & Co-Founder
"You build your company, from marketing through core business"
Ori Shafir
CMO & Co-Founder
"The greatest value of working with Yonatan is his wide thinking and vision that makes our company focus on the important things"
Eli Baratz
CTO and Co-Founder

How To Apply

Using our innovative methodology, SmartUp Academy empowers participants to create a new start-up or expand a current company. Our guiding principles are rooted in the idea that most businesses can thrive with a modest initial investment and the right tools to overcome challenges.

The SmartUp Method is useful to founders/entrepreneurs, professionals wanting to become founders, companies at various stages of development, investors, and other interested individuals.

To apply to the SmartUp Academy, please select the category that best describes you:

I’m a Founder, already working on my idea

I quit my previous job to start my own business. I’m looking for a co-founder that can mentor me through the challenges of starting my own company.


I want to become an Entrepreneur, but I’m currently working somewhere else.

I’m currently working somewhere else, but it’s always been my dream to start my own company. I don’t know where to start and I need help developing some ideas.


We’re an already existing Company

We’re a company without VC backing looking for new ways to expand our business. We want help overcoming current challenges or avoiding potential pitfalls as we grow.


I want to learn the SmartUp way!

I want to expand my knowledge and learn how entrepreneurs can optimize their chances of success. I’m interested in SmartUp’s step-by-step methodology that turns an initial idea into a profitable company.


I’m an investor interested in the SmartUp Investment Model

I want to learn the SmartUp investment strategy and how it’s different from current investment trends.



SmartUp Academy guiding principles unfold in articles, case studies, and media coverage
  • Guiding Principles

    Find our guidelines for how to turn an idea into a profitable company.
    - SmartUp Guiding Principles
  • External Resources

    SmartUp Academy and Yonatan Stern in the media, news about SmartUp Academy companies, recommended reading.
    - External Resources
  • Case Studies

    Learn more about our companies, their challenges, and how they overcame them.
    - Case Studies
  • SmartUp Resources

    Materials created by SmartUp Academy and Yonatan Stern: Presentations and Lectures.
    - SmartUp Resources
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions (and answers) we frequently get

What's SmartUp Academy?

SmartUp Academy is a comprehensive residency program partnering with entrepreneurs and existing companies to create stable, profitable, and successful businesses. Our program encourages participants to think differently about company-building – from product development to marketing to sales and operations.

Who should apply to the SmartUp Academy?

SmartUp Academy welcomes:
1. Founders, working full time on their idea
2. Potential entrepreneurs, working full time somewhere else
3. Existing companies without VC funding
4. Curious individuals who want to learn the SmartUp Method.
5. Investors looking to invest in companies that follow the SmartUp Model.

Can I apply even if I don't have a company or an idea for one?

Yes! Please contact us if you:
- want to become an entrepreneur but are still working somewhere else; or
- have some business or tech experience; or
- have an idea for a new company but don't know how to start; or
- don’t have an idea and want to be paired with other founders to develop new concepts.

Can I apply if my company is VC funded?

It depends on what stage you're at as a company. Please fill out our application form for Companies, and one of our team members will be in touch.