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SmartUp Foundations

Learn the principles and steps to achieve a successful profitable company on a small investment


12 weeks   |  Sundays 15:00-17:30   |  2 HaPnina st. 1st Fl  Ra’anana  

This course is led by Yonatan Stern


First Lecture – March 31st, 2024

Second Lecture – April 14th, 2024

Third Lecture – May 19th, 2024

Fourth Lecture – June 2nd 2024

Fifth Lecture – June 16th 2024

Sixth Lecture – June 30th 2024

Seventh Lecture – July 14th 2024

Eighth Lecture – July 28th 2024

Ninth Lecture – Aug 4th 2024

Tenth Lecture – Aug 18th 2024

Eleventh Lecture – Sep 8th 2024

Twelfth Lecture – Sep 22th 2024

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    Course Subjects

    This course is tailored to address the challenges, opportunities and operations of our partners and founders
    • The Foundations

      Profitability, rapid growth, low burn rate: why they're important and how they guide your operations
    • Innovation

      Evolution vs revolution in innovation - enablers and solutions. First mover challenges and disruptive business models
    • Branding

      Practical approach to finding and reaching your customers, creating a brand before you have a product
    • Business Model

      How will you make money? Aspects of the business models and how they impact operations
    • Raising Capital

      How much money do you need and when? The infinite game and the exit, angel investors and VCs investment models
    • The Human Factor

      How to evaluate candidates and motivate employees? How to create a healthy company culture, identify and deal with problems
    There's a set of principles that once implemented - will make you successful. It's only a matter of time and focus.

    I've seen it repeatedly in my own companies and with SmartUp resident companies, and I'm confident it's possible for all entrepreneurs.
    Yonatan Stern
    Founder and Teacher

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