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SmartUp Companies Workshop

Learn to apply the SmartUp principles in group mentoring sessions


12 weeks   |   3 hour sessions   |   2 Hapnina st. 1st Fl  Ra’anana

This workshop is led by Yonatan Stern

No business model survives first contact with the market. We need to constantly reevaluate the effectiveness of our work and adapt our strategy.
Yonatan Stern
Founder and Teacher

Companies workshop are weekly group mentorship sessions directed by Yonatan Stern.
This workshop is at the heart of SmartUp’s work, as the principles may seem obvious but their implementation is an art that requires practice to master.

Each session focuses on a principle or aspect of business. Participants will be able to consider their implementation of this principle to their own project and receive feedback from the teacher and the group peers.
Company leaders share their challenges, and the group performs in depth analysis and brainstorm solutions based on SmartUp principles. Then follow up in next meetings to re-evaluate and adapt.

Companies Workshop Topics

Companies workshop is focused on applying our guiding principles in your company
  • Achieving Profitability

    Asses your company's current strategy with relation to the profitability principle. we'll consider all aspects of your startup from operations to marketing and sales to your financial planning and reporting to profitability goal
  • Creating a Brand

    What is a brand and why does it change everything? Learn creative affordable ways to become a respected name in you clients’ industry
  • Business Model

    What business model is right for your company? Where will the money come from and what should you send it on? What method of sales is right for you?
  • Marketing Plan

    How to find the right market for your product? Does it need to be big? Where are your customers and how can you create a relationship with them?
  • Funding

    When do you need an investment, how much and from whom? How fast should you grow?
  • Sales

    When should you start selling and through which channels? How much should you spend on sales and how to create a sales funnel?

  • Positioning and pricing

    How sensitive are customers to price? How is selling to customers different from selling to a business? How to price an incomplete product
  • Product Development

    What is the product your customers will use and be willing to pay for? When should you start development and how much should you spend on it? When should you start selling?
  • Your Team

    What to look for and when not to hire qualified candidates? How to keep employees motivated on a reasonable budget?

Following this course, you will

  • learn from a variety of real life complex situations

  • receive valuable feedback from the group

  • leave each session inspired to implement new methods and ideas in your company

  • receive mentorship from Yonatan Stern

  • make lifelong friendships and collaborations

  • gear your entire operation to reaching profitability

  • understand and engage with your market on day one, and every day after

  • make the right mistakes, and fix them fast

  • identify what’s holding your company back and what to do about it

  • discover company resources you can leverage

  • identify new markets and areas for growth

  • learn new ways to select and incentivize employees

  • identify your company’s culture and improve it

"Yonatan has interesting solutions to the company's issues"
Ashi Horovitz
CEO & Co-Founder
"You build your company, from marketing through core business"
Ori Shafir
CMO & Co-Founder
"The skill set that I was missing I found with Yonatan's mentorship"
Ziv Segal
CEO & Co-Founder
"The greatest value of working with Yonatan is his wide thinking and vision that makes our company focus on the important things"
Eli Baratz
CTO and Co-Founder
He is really thinking completely differently about marketing
Eyal Wultz
President & Co-Founder

Is this course for me?

Company workshop is right for you 

  • if you are working full time on your startup and want to learn the SmartUp way 

  • if you don’t want to spend your time chasing investments

  • if you have a successful company but know it can do much much better

Company workshop is not for you

  • if you are not a founder or executive in your company

  • if you’re just looking for technical or legal advice

  • if you are looking for one on one mentoring


Isn't it better to just learn from case studies?

Use cases are simple contrived problems with simple contrived solutions. They are useful as examples that make a point, but they do not reflect reality.
The complexity of real life problems is infinite, and the solutions are not in plain sight. Working with real companies on real challenges allows us to follow up on the efforts our companies are making and re-evalulate our decisions and adapt.

Can more than one member of the same company join this workshop?

It is great for company's leaders to be aligned on strategy, speak the same language and create a consistent culture in your startup

I work in a startup but I'm bit the founder - can I join?

If you are not in a position to influence your company's activity, our Foundations course is a better fit for you.

How can this course work both aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs?

This course is focused on principles which should be upheld at all stages of a startup. Implementation of these principles is an art that will be discussed in the group based on existing companies challenges.

Will I be able to discuss my specific company and issues with Yonatan?

As it pertains to the course subjects, or briefly before and after class.
If you’re an established company and would like to discuss your challenges - consider applying to the company workshop program

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