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How Great Tech Support, Even for a Product That’s Not Yours, Can Win Customers

How did it work? First, Stern says, “We knew that the number one biggest fear of any customer is waiting on hold for tech support.” Being routed through an automated answering system and sitting on hold could waste half hour of a customer’s time.
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How to Growth-Hack Your Way to Double-Digit Revenue Gains

Based on experience and observation, I encourage you to join the bandwagon. I know how effective growth hacking can be because I’ve watched other businesses implement it, and companies I’ve led have used it to accelerate their results and those of customers.
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ZoomInfo CEO: Long-distance leadership brings surprising insights

Nevertheless, after spending more than two decades as a serial entrepreneur, I’ve learned a few lessons, including that the term “agility” isn’t restricted to product development or roadmaps.
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Why Smart Entrepreneurs Play It Safe

In my more than 30 years of building businesses from the ground up, I've found that courting risk can cost both time and money. You're apt to make mistakes that you'll need to go back and fix, if that's even possible.
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דרישת המשקיעים מחברות הפורטפוליו לקצץ בהוצאות לא תעזור

במקום לדרוש שחברה תהיה מוכנה להנפקה ראשונה תוך שנים ספורות, כדאי שקרנות ההון סיכון יעמדו על כך שהמטרה הראשונה והמרכזית שאליה החברה שואפת היא רווחיות
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