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Opster raises $5 million to manage enterprise search engines and databases

The Israeli startup founded by former founders of Zoominfo and provides a platform for the automation and management of enterprise search engines and databases, with the aim of improving performance, ensuring stability, and reducing costs
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‘You could say ZoomInfo is the largest public company in Israel’

The original ZoomInfo was founded in Israel in 2000 as Eliyon Technologies and rebranded as Zoom in 2005. The company was acquired in 2017 by US private equity firm Great Hill Partners for $240 million, and then by Washington-based DiscoverOrg in 2019 for $800m. Following that deal, the entire merged company was renamed ZoomInfo.
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ZoomInfo raises $887M in blockbuster IPO, rings virtual Nasdaq bell

ZoomInfo Technologies, a Vancouver, Wash.-based software company that uses machine learning to help more than 15,000 customers drive sales and marketing programs, raised $887 million
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הישראלי שמכר שלושה סטארט־אפים ביותר ממיליארד דולר מסתער על חברה חדשה – ומגשים חלום

יונתן שטרן הפך השקעה של 4 מיליון דולר — לאקזיט של מיליארד דולר משלוש חברות. בינתיים
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DiscoverOrg Acquires ZoomInfo

DiscoverOrg announced today that it has acquired Zoom Information, Inc (ZoomInfo). The two companies are coming together to provide sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals access to the most trusted and comprehensive B2B data available in the market.
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B2B data platform ZoomInfo was acquired by private equity firm Great Hill Partners for $240 million

“I am very excited about this new chapter in ZoomInfo’s growth story,” said Yonatan Stern, CEO and chief scientist of ZoomInfo, in a press release issued earlier this week."
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LinkedIn to pay $175M to buy B2B marketing startup Bizo

LinkedIn said Tuesday it will pay $175 million to acquire Bizo, a startup whose marketing platform helps businesses identify, reach and engage with their target audiences online.
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Servicesoft, Founded in Israel, Sold to Broadbase Software of US for $645 Mln

Servicesoft also has Israeli “roots”. Rosh Technologies was founded in Israel in 1984 by graduates of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps, through an investment by Elron and the Aetna Fund. The company’s activity was transferred to the US, while the R&D group remained in Mevasseret Zion, near Jerusalem. This group was later sold to Net Manage, and Servicesoft became a US company.
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This CEO Developed a Cadence to Profiting with Tech Startups

You don’t need to spend more than a few minutes speaking with Yonatan Stern to know that he’s not your usual tech company leader. A computer scientist and serial entrepreneur based in Israel, he presides as CEO and chief scientist over the B2B contact and account information company
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