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Investing according to the SmartUp Model

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Investors looking for skill-building and access to SmartUp portfolio companies.

SmartUp invests in companies based on our bespoke methodology. Our Investors Program is ideal for those looking to enhance their own portfolios through a modern approach to investment.

How Does SmartUp Help Investors?

The SmartUp Team meets with individual investors, family-run offices, and representatives of institutional investors who want to explore new investment vehicles. We work with investors interested in developing innovative funding models that yield higher returns in the long run.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some questions potential investors tend to ask

    What is SmartUp?

    SmartUp is all about making profitable companies. Based on three decades of co-founding and growing tech companies, Yonatan Stern formulated a detailed methodology that starts with an initial idea and ends with creating a growing independent company. SmartUp offers an alternative method that enables entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility.

    Do you invest in companies?

    SmartUp is an entrepreneurial internship program, not an investment company. Our goal is to change how people build new companies. If SmartUp joins a currently operating company, or founds a new one, we collaborate using the co-founding model. SmartUp has resources and capital allocated to our portfolio companies and provides a vast professional network to support them.

    Why do you focus on profitability?

    Companies focused on profitability develop a deep understanding of their customers and efficient ways to market and sell. Their customer acquisition costs are low, freeing up resources to invest in further expansion and market growth. Contrary to popular belief, profitable companies can grow much faster because they have mastered the process of selling efficiently.