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Looking to become an Entrepreneur, but currently working elsewhere.

SmartUp helps potential founders get started on their entrepreneurial journey. These entrepreneurs may already have a concept to pitch, while others need support developing ideas and leveraging their skills into a viable plan.

How Can SmartUp Help?

Building a new company requires full professional attention – it’s not a side gig or a hobby. SmartUp Academy uses our comprehensive guidelines to prepare and support potential entrepreneurs from idea formation to launch. Our dedicated mentors equip entrepreneurs-to-be with the knowledge they need to realize their dreams and the skills to face challenges along the way.

How To Apply

The SmartUp application process is straightforward and non-intrusive. Filling out the following forms will help us customize the program for your entrepreneurial journey.

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Once we receive your application, we evaluate whether strategic collaboration with us will benefit you.

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We invite you for a meeting at our offices to discuss our future collaboration.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some questions entrepreneurs to-be tend to ask

    How will SmartUp help me?

    The SmartUp internship program provides comprehensive guidelines and theoretical know-how to realize your vision. If you don’t yet have an idea, SmartUp will match you with a group of founders for support and mentorship. Together, you will develop an idea for a new company that can become profitable in 3 to 5 years and doesn’t require a large initial investment. The program is quite involved and requires your full professional attention.

    What is involved with the SmartUp program?

    The SmartUp program includes lectures and workshops covering all aspects of a company. We dive into product development, efficient lead generation, marketing, identifying your core customers, building effective sales processes, and more. The practical part of the program is a weekly or bi-weekly management meeting with your SmartUp Team. In the meetings, we review the most pressing issues, discuss advancement, choose the next steps, and push forward.

    What are the advantages of in-person meetings?

    Our in-depth meetings are usually 3 to 4 hours long, giving us the opportunity to discuss your ideas in detail, identify current issues, and apply SmartUp’s methods to solve them. It usually takes 3 to 5 years to bring a company from inception to sustained positive cash flow. As your company matures, meetings evolve to cover all aspects of expansion and growth.