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Angels Circle

Join a community of investors to learn the SmartUp investment model, identify potential and set your companies up for success


12 weeks   |   3 hour sessions   |   2 Hapnina st. 1st Fl  Ra’anana

This course is led by Yonatan Stern

When investing, consider the company, not the product. Do the founders know how they’re going to reach their market to sell their product? Are they willing to make it a top priority?
Yonatan Stern
Founder and Teacher

Course Syllabus

This program discusses the SmartUp guiding principles in context of your investments
  • Funding Model

    What is the right time, amount and purpose of your investment? Should you expect additional funding rounds?
  • Company Selection

    Learn what makes successful companies and how to evaluate entrepreneurs
  • SmartUp Methodology

    Learn the principles and steps to build a successful company - from the perspective of the investor
  • Guide your Companies

    How to pay attention to what your companies are doing and set up processes that support sustainable growth


Why is this a course for angels and not all investors?

Investors that represent large establishments (term?) have considerations that often compete with our primary goal of creating sustainable companies. VC firms for example must cashout on their investment by going public in a very short time - leading them to require that founders address an impossibly large market. This puts immense pressure on companies to grow beyond their capacity to manage and sustain at the expense of developing healthier processes - ultimately leading to a high failure rate.

We believe angel investors can align their funding model with the sustainable growth of their portfolio companies and achieve even higher returns in the long run. You don't need to go public in order to make a lot of money, you do need to first have a company with strong reliable processes that generate profits.

Will there be investment opportunities through SmartUp?

The angels circle is a program for learning, not investing. However if you’d like to meet our student entrepreneurs or resident companies to explore investment opportunities we’ll be glad to make the introductions

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